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What Is Natural Breast Enhancement? (NBE)

Natural Breast Enhancement or Augmentation can be described as a process to enlarge breasts without implants. While there are lots of creams and pills, their efficacy is questionable. We've observed instead that inducing, using a breast pump or TENS Unit, diet changes, or having someone suckle are the most effective ways to grow cup sizes naturally.

Exercise and Visual Enhancements

Contrary to other forms of NBE, exercise tends to only increase breast size in appearance by using exercise regimens that decrease excess weight in the chest area. Exercises that focus on chest, shoulder, and upper back muscles have the best results.

Massage has also been suggested by alternative medicine as a way of increasing breast size at home. Using natural oils such as olive oil with specific massage motions has been correlated with increased bust size. It is suggested that the constant motion stretches tissues and increases blood flow to the area.

Other visual enhancements include altering one's own wardrobe. Wearing push-up bras and tops that place emphasis on the bust. Some cloth patterns place emphasis on curves, giving the illusion of the wearer being more well endowed. Puffy, frilly, or ruffled material also give this illusion.

It is also advised to wear one's accurate bra size to give the proper support and presentation to their bust. Push-up and padded bras also give a subtle increase to the appearance of one's bust size if worn in the appropriate size.

Dietary Supplements

There are multiple at home dietary suggestions that are unverified by professionals, but are consistent across multiple at home sources. Fenugreek is used to treat skin inflammation and other mild skin conditions. It also acts as a mild estrogen dosage. Estrogen rich foods such as dairy, tofu, soybeans, and whole grains can increase estrogen levels in the body, and in turn, the size of breasts in the long run.


Breast modifying hormones can be found in everyday medications such as antidepressants and birth control. However, alothough these medications are common, it is heavily advised to never seek any of these treatments for the breast augmenting side-effects alone. Progesterone is given in women taking certain forms of estrogen a birth control regimens to prevent overgrowth of uterine lining. Many of these treatments come with common negative side-effects such as decreased libido, varying degrees of depression, and increased chance of severe menstruation due to increased levels of estrogen in the body.

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More Information

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