Breast Smothering

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What Is Breast Smothering?

Quote-left.png Breast smothering is a femdom practice where the dominatrix will use her breasts to cover the face of the submissive individual, typically for a sustained period of time. Note that the main focus of the breast smothering should be placed upon the mouth and nose regions – this is because the close links between smothering and breath play. Naturally, although highly unlikely to result in a negative outcome, care should be taken by bother the person smothering and the person being smothered to ensure that the experience is safe.

Ranges of 1 to 10 minutes are common, with some being more long-term and less severe than others. That is to say that complete smothering with body weight applied and an immediate difficulty in breathing will occur in shorter bursts as opposed to more softcore smothering that simply involves the breasts being used to cover the face of the submissive partner.

Sensory deprivation can make the breast smothering experience much more enjoyable for the party on the receiving end. Depending on the size of the breasts, a difficulty in the ability for the person to see and hear will provide a sense of unease and discomfort for the person being smothered. It also promotes the concept of helplessness and vulnerability – a core element in BDSM play and the experience of a submissive party.


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