Can I Breastfeed or Induce Lactation for my Husband or Boyfriend

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Can I Breastfeed my Husband/Boyfriend?

Yes, it is possible for you to breastfeed your husband or boyfriend in certain situations. Here are three reasons why you might consider doing so:

Lactation as a form of intimacy: Breastfeeding can be a deeply bonding experience between partners and can promote feelings of closeness and intimacy. In some cases, women may choose to breastfeed their partner as part of their sexual relationship or as a way to show physical affection.

Nutritional benefits: While breast milk is primarily intended for infants, it does contain many nutrients that can be beneficial for adults as well. For example, breast milk contains protein, fat, and other important vitamins and minerals that can provide health benefits to adults who consume it.

Lactation as a form of support: In some cases, women may choose to breastfeed their partner as a way to show support or care during times of stress, illness, or trauma. For example, if your husband or boyfriend is experiencing physical or emotional distress, breast milk may provide him with comfort and nourishment.

Overall, there's nothing wrong with doing so. With discipline and consistency it's possible to induce lactation for your husband or boyfriend without a pregnancy. He may even want to ask.


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I want to lactate for my partner. How do I do that?

The first step is to look at the inducing lactation page and read on how to start lactating without a pregnancy. Take a look at our breast pump and TENS Unit pages for more valuable information.

Some couples practice ABF in order to strengthen their relationship. Read for yourself a few ANR testimonials and stories or watch videos of couples practicing adult breastfeeding (warning:NSFW). We also include tips on how to discuss ANR/ABF with your partner.

You can also reach out to others by using our ANR/ABF online communities list page to seek others who are in this lifestyle and learn from them.

Good luck on your journey!


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