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Here are some links for ANR stories, books, and blogs about the journey of breastfeeding a boyfriend or husband, or their experience of nursing from their spouse. A pregnancy or having kids is not required to lactate.

Watch couples as they practice adult nursing/breastfeeding. (warning:NSFW).

Reach out to others by using our online ANR/ABF community list.

Quote-left.png We cuddled for a while and chatted about how amazing it was. At this point I was honest with her about how suckling in her made me feel so connected and loved in a really unique and special way. I started kissing her around her breasts again and started sucking. She got a bit annoyed at this point and said she has a baby hanging off them all day and was done. I was pretty gutted at that point but one of my shortcomings in our relationship is not actually saying how I’m feeling, so I told her that it was a big thing for me to say what I wanted and it really hurt for her to shut me down so hard. She softened a bit and after a few more mins of cuddling she told me to suck on them if I wanted. I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity like this so of course I did. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png After doing a little research on the topic I realized that there was undoubtedly a lot of benefits from nursing your husband. The stress release alone was enough to sell me on the idea. Besides, my husband has spent a lot of time sucking on my breasts in the bedroom anyway. Why not focus the time to generate a greater end result?... Quote-right.png

  • A Journey of ANR: How an adult nursing relationship is saving our marriage

Quote-left.png Sometimes it's sexual, other times it's not. Sometimes I'm just feeling cuddly and nurturing. I have a lot of varying emotions about this. Years ago when I nursed a child it was just about feeding the baby and I had no thoughts on an anr. I just did what I needed to do. But way later down the road I initiated anr to my husband because I loved how I physically felt while lactating and missed it, and he is the only man I have ever wanted to cuddle. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit - A woman's perspective : Adult Breastfeeding

Quote-left.png I stumbled upon an article explaining ANRs and it just sent shivers through my whole body reading about the emotional bond, the closeness, the heightened intimacy, etc. That started me on a massive google search of "lactating without pregnancy," and I was astounded at the wealth of information out there. So, I tentatively approached him with the topic and he was completely open to it, excited about it even, and we went about doing a ton of research and started me on drinking tons of water, taking herbs, and using motilium (domperidone) to really kick start the whole process. It was a long one at first, a week in I was still producing just drops but they were white and thick and creamy.

Two weeks in and I was producing maybe a teaspoon, and then finally the glands and ducts switched over and I was able to shoot streams at him; which I did with great delight when he least expected it, or when we were in the shower... Quote-right.png

  • Adult Breastfeeding Relationship: A Journey - Why I Chose An ANR

Quote-left.png ha i thought i was the only one who was getting "milked" as foreplay. I'm not even really lactating yet just a little leakage here and there as I'm almost 6 months and my boyfriend is always squeezing them trying to make them leak ha it drives me nuts but he gets off on it. i suppose the fact that i went from a A/small B to a very full C going on D adds to his obsession with them. no surprise there. Quote-right.png

  • BabyCenter Community Forum: Guys who like lactation during sex?

Note: A pregnancy is not needed to lactate however.

Quote-left.png I notice that thinking about my husband makes my breasts ache. Some of the initial excitement has worn off and now I feel like I'm settling in. This is what we do now. He's on my breasts at night and in the morning. I have a stretch of 4 days off coming up and he's off for the first two. We'll be together for 2 solid days and can breastfeed every 2 hours together... Quote-right.png

  • I Love Being Suckled By My Sweet Husband - Inducing lactation: days 1-4

Quote-left.png She caught me looking and smiled and said it was ok that I looked. She was way more forward than I was at the time, and was maybe 7-8 years older than me. We pulled up to her apartment and suggested that I help her out by gently squeezing her ample breasts...At that point she began expressing without the pumps, was spraying milk all over the inside of my car, and was clearly getting pleasure out of it. She asked if I would mind suckling her, as it would help relieve the pressure better. I went beet-red in the face, but I didn't hesitate, and took her left nipple into my mouth. After a little coaching on her part, I latched on...and was eagerly chugging down her sweet breast milk. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png My husband and I do something to this once a week. I have a milkmaid outfit(found a decently priced and sexy outfit online), and from the moment we wake up until we’re getting ready for bed, my only purpose is to produce milk for him. Whether that means being hooked up to my pump/using my TENS unit, or him suckling from me, that’s my sole purpose once a week. I drink more water than usual and eat oatmeal for at least one extra meal on these days, too.

We absolutely love it. Once I’m producing more, I think it will be a lot more fun, but it’s already great. ... He has an app on his phone that makes a cow bell noise when he shakes the phone, and my breasts are starting to respond to the noise. They ache and I feel a bit of let down whenever I hear it. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png Then as I exposed her breasts with an enticing jiggle, the soft rays of the setting sun illuminated her moderate pink nipples and my eyes took in their wondrous beauty, their mystery, as they seemed to be begging me to partake. I was smitten by an awakened instinct, a biological imperative, a deep yearning to gaze, fondle, and then to suckle. As if an invisible force from her breasts had lassoed me and was rhythmically nudging me closer, and gazing so closely at the real thing, I surrendered to their needy calling and slowly sucked in her left nipple until it filled my mouth, my tongue rhythmically pressing upward and working from back to front. Then a euphoria came over me that was so overwhelming that it has always summoned me back for more. It was the day that we imprinted. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png Sharing an adult nursing partnership with the person you love can be a beautiful and healthy part of any relationship, but taking those first steps toward t he opening of such an exquisitely uncommon lifestyle practice isn't always easy. Because the practice of adult nursing is often unfamiliar—and even frightening—to some people, we must first face the challenges and conquer our own fears concerning the physical and emotional dynamics of breastfeeding.

We do this by quelling unfair stigmas and harsh stereotypes, casting aside all that we have been shown through biased and often sensationalized bits of media fodder, and ignoring the unrealistic images we can so easily discover through the magic of the Internet, eventually finding it within ourselves to answer our own questions, confront our personal moral dilemmas, and cast aside our inhibitions to enjoy what we know is right for us. We do all of this privately, sometimes alone, and sometimes with the love and support of our partner, and in doing so, often without realizing it, we have taken those first steps toward the world of adult nursing... Quote-right.png

  • Love's Sweet Embrace: A Couple's Guide to the Loving Adult Nursing Relationship and the Journey into Breastfeeding Kindle Edition

Quote-left.png Recently I've met with someone. And not only have they fulfilled my need to be suckled... but to my surprise it has stimulated me to have triggered orgasms during the nursing... I've read about it being possible. But didn't think it was likely. Initially the seeking was just for nursing, the release of the pressure, and to benefit from the oxytocin release to initiate calming. But the orgasmic response from my body, almost seems beyond my control... it's the most unique experience I could imagine. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png Women choose to induce lactation for many reasons, and each journey is a truly personal one. Sometimes, they do this with the help of a loving and supportive partner, and other times, they do this alone. For Cheryl, the journey of self-inducing began quite by chance, when, after experiencing health issues, and researching alternative medicine, she discovered that stimulation of the breasts could lead to the production of milk... Quote-right.png

  • My Self-Inducing Journey: Cheryl's Story - Bountiful Fruits

Quote-left.png While the thought of producing an abundance of flowing breast milk is an intriguing thought, many couples find that encouraging lactation is a true labor of love, one that takes a great deal of time and dedicated effort. As beautiful as nursing is, it can be difficult to find time for carefully-timed routine suckling sessions. When breast milk is a true desire (or perhaps even a priority) within a committed adult nursing relationship, but a partner is not always avaiilable to provide suckling, women may opt to use alternative methods of encouraging lactation; they do this by self-inducing... Quote-right.png

  • My Self-Inducing Journey: Julie's Story - Bountiful Fruits

Quote-left.png Cozily sitting on our bed, we were holding each others...softly having romantic talks and kissing every now & then in between our talks. Trying feeling every breathe of her, trying reading what those beautiful eyes were telling to me. ...slowly we became more closer, my chest was touching her chest, touching her beautiful-soft-fluffy breasts, I could count her heart-beats then... Quote-right.png

  • Experience Project: I Love Suckling Milk From a Woman's Beautiful Breasts - Story & Experience

Quote-left.png Q: Hang on, you've never been pregnant and you produce milk? Really?

A: Yes. It's entirely possible, and there are actually adoptive mothers who stimulate milk production so they can breastfeed their new babies. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit - IAmA Woman in an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship AMA : IAmA

Quote-left.png I loved every second of this experience. The smell of her. The way she looked. The taste of her occasional drops of milk. The way she stroked my hair and face. The sound of her breathing changing.

I'm in my upper 30s, and this was one of the most intense sensual experience I've ever had. I felt like every single sense was being meticulously cared for in a way they had never all been simultaneously stimulated before. It was insanely incredible... Quote-right.png

  • Reddit - My first ANR experience this evening. Here's my story.

Quote-left.png She says, "suckle gently, honey." So, I suckle gently. I'm not gonna lie, it did feel good to suck on her breast like this, and to feel her holding me and stroking my head while I did so.

After a few seconds of suckling, milk started to come out. The milk was very warm and sweet! As I kept suckling, more milk started to come out. I suckled her left breast for about 45 minutes. After I was done with her left breast, I moved onto her right breast and spent about 25 to 30 minutes on that one. I didn't suck out all the milk from the right breast due to being full. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit - I Tried It!

Quote-left.png I wanted to feel close to her, I wanted to be connected and feel better. It's so calming for me but I just felt like it would help. So I gently rubbed her side and asked her if I could nurse while she was sleeping. Of course, she is so amazing and immediately said, "yeah! sure!", felt her breasts to tell which one was most full and let me know, "You'll want to nurse on this one." She rolled over to give me access and allowed me to unlatch her nursing shirt, pull out her breast and begin nursing.

I immediately felt so calm, so loved, and so much better. I nursed until I got a let down and drank her sweet milk until her breast was empty. I felt so much better. I hugged her breast with my face, kissed them, and closed up her nursing shirt. I thanked her and we both rolled over to go to sleep... Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png Q: This is induced lactation, and you achieved it without a partner? This is unbelievable! Please detail, how you did it, your schedule and how long it took you.

A:Hi! Thank you for your comment! I started in October of last year, about 4 months ago. I mostly use my hands but I also have an electric breast pump. When I started, I would massage my nipples for 20 minutes, 6 times per day. As I continued, my nipples became more and more sensitive and pleasurable to the touch, which I didn't expect! ...When I know I'm stimulating the right part of my breasts, I feel small, uterine contractions that are like a mini orgasm. It took one month of daily massage, 6x a day, to start producing drops of milk, and then I started using the breast pumps. I was streaming milk after two months. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit - I'm single and I induced lactation because it turns me on. I've never been pregnant. I would love to read your comments. <3

Quote-left.png My husband and I are in our sixties. I breastfed our children and because of social conditioning it never crossed our minds for him to [enjoy] the gift of my breasts. Five years ago we began enjoying longer periods of foreplay before sex-and because my husband has always enjoyed my breasts … Eventually I began producing milk and boy did his interest sky rocket and my joy of gift giving fulfilled . Because we are retired we have the time to have … sessions 4-6 times per day and when we are busy every 12 hours work just fine. We never saw it as him being a submissive husband, a baby, a child, only a very special time of snuggling and bonding. This special bonding has taken our long marriage to a higher level of intimacy... Quote-right.png

  • Reviews and testimonials, mostly from female ANR enthusiasts

Quote-left.png After wanting to try for months, I finally nursed from my wife. The moment that made me want to is this one day she was extremely engorged and she hurried home to pump. After seeing milk dripping from her erect nipples, I knew I had to try. Admittedly, I came at this from a sexual perspective. There is nothing in the world I find more hot than my wife's milky tits. But... I was not at all prepared for the emotional aspect. After nursing from her, I feel so much more connected to her. My heart literally swells and aches before, during and after. I can't stop thinking about her. I want to touch her all the time. Her skin feels amazing. I cannot get enough of her. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: I nursed from my wife and loved it

Quote-left.png I started back in August. I hooked up the TENS unit and ran it every two hours while at work. I pumped once a day in the evenings. I also started with Brewers yeast, flaxseed oil, and domperidone. 10mg, 4 times a day for the first week. 20mg the second, 30mg the third. By the end of the third week I was expressing small streams in the shower every morning before work. Maybe a tablespoon per side. I would hand express at lunch and pump at night followed by hand expression. Pumping didn't get anything for me for a few months.

By Christmas, pumping was having a result. I could fill a 6 ounce bag in about 2 days. I started pumping 3 times a day. 4:50 AM, 11:30 AM and 8:30 PM, just because it's what fit in my schedule.

It's now April and last week I tapered back to 20mg Dom, 4 times a day. I'm pumping between 9 and 12 ounces a day. I take Brewers yeast, flaxseed oil, goats rue, and fenugreek twice a day in addition to drinking at least 2 12 ounce bottles of lactation tea every day.

Background on me: I'm 34 this month, never pregnant, never lactated before this. Not on birth control. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png I had a 90 minute session and she was wonderful and we ended up cuddling and she scratched my back which made the entire session wonderful. I did more sucking and played with her boobs some. She even sprayed milk over me and directly into my mouth... Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: I finally tried it last night

Quote-left.png After my wife’s milk came in, I knew I wanted to taste it, but had no idea yet to what extent. Immediately after the first taste I had a physiological, emotional and purely physical response unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I knew right then I wanted more and more of it. ( kid in a candy store). The desire for it opened me to a very candid honest conversation with my wife about what I wanted. Why I wanted it, how I felt from it, the response my body and brain and heart felt from it. Once she knew this, she was 100% on board with feeding me. Now the relevant part- even though I wanted it soooo bad and knew she wanted it...many times early on I would pull away, avoid it or find an excuse not to take it. I realized I felt guilty for asking for her milk. I saw her feeding the baby all the time, pumping, working so hard to maintain milk and started feeling like either I didn’t deserve it or it was a hardship on her. Even though I craved it and felt withdrawn when I didn’t get it...I still felt unworthy of her milk.

Luckily- my wife and I have been together 20 years and she knows me. She literally pulled out of me what my feelings were. Once I opened up to her about it she said she understood...but that this was soooooo important to her as well. She loves what it does for me and that she can give me that and share that with me. From that point on, she made it a point to come to me. Offer them to me. Pull me in, wake me up, hold them out to me.,,, whatever it took for me to know she is willingly offering it to me. It removed my feelings of guilt. Those days have now passed and she gives and I take...we both love it and want it equally and have dealt with my insecurity. It is now easy, fun and beautiful. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: Wanting more...

Quote-left.png I suddenly felt weak and enslaved by the beauty and taste of her milk. My sucking got weaker and I fell in to state of bliss. Then she broke me off from her breast and pulled my hand and led me to the cot and helps me lay down. She sat beside, and rubbed her nipple on my lips again. I started sucking again. I could feel her hands patting my head and she kissed my forehead. MY sucking got weaker and her breast slipped out of my mouth and she held me close to her breast. May be in gratitude for relieving her of pain… Quote-right.png

  • My Adult Nursing Experience - Indian Sex Stories

Quote-left.png So far it’s been absolutely fantastic. We nursed 4 times yesterday and twice so far today. I know when we started ANR together it initially felt like a sexual thing because of what was going on in addition while nursing or we’d have sex after; but the connection is so much deeper than that - and I’m starting to feel that has we have more experience under our belt.

The euphoria I feel when at her breast is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. The safety and warmth - there’s nothing quite like it. She gives a lot of forehead kisses and she’ll caress my face while I nurse. I’ve never felt so connected with someone. We’re having bad weather today, so we are staying in, watching holiday movies and cuddling. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: One member of a lesbian couple describes her ANR experience

Quote-left.png We’re settling back into bed after our 2am feeding. Even though waking up in the middle of the night makes me more tired for the day, this is my favorite session.

To initiate nursing, my partner will gently rub her nipple across my lips until I take her breast into my mouth and start to suckle. (I become conscious around this part.) Then she pulls me in close, kisses my forehead, and says something like “there we go” or “that’s a good boy.”

As she nurses me, she’ll rub my back, run her fingers through my hair, caress my chest or trace the lines on my palm. She also kisses my forehead and face randomly throughout the feeding. She makes me feel more loved than I ever thought possible. She’s the most gentle, caring woman and those little extras make this feeding my favorite over all of the others. I’ve fallen in love with her in ways I never have before because of breastfeeding. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: What are some things your partner does during nursing that makes it extra special?

Quote-left.png Cute moment I wanted to share. Last night my s/o was suckling like normal while we were laying in bed. He fell asleep (his latch was getting lazy) so I took my boob back and rolled toward him kinda snuggling his head to my chest. Dead asleep he just starts sucking on my chest so I repositioned and put my nipple in his mouth and he went to town. It was absolutely adorable and super sweet. Then that night I had a dream that I was lactating (finally) and he was nursing on me. Woke up this morning with my boobs feeling “puffy” and my nipples were really sensitive. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: Woman describes her partner sleep-suckling

Quote-left.png When I laid my head in her lap, she gently placed her nipple to my lips. I suckled ever so gently. Looking up and staring directly into her eyes while suckling was the most intensely emotional experience that I have ever felt.

Her dark brown eyes captured my soul in those moments, and I fear I will never get it back. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: Man explains his feelings nursing a partner

Quote-left.png First I should tell you that I’ve been married to an amazing woman for over thirty years. She has done so much for me to explore all my sexual fantasies. My introduction into anr happened somewhat by accident. It was after the birth of our second child. My wife was trying to ween our son from breast milk. She was down to him only getting the boob at night to go to sleep.

One Saturday morning when we were sleeping late, or at least as late as our two children would allow. My wife was very uncomfortable. I asked her what was going on, and she explained that her breasts felt very full and painful. I asked her what I could do to help. She asked if I would go get her breast pump. I got out of bed and I was putting on my robe when she said, "unless you want to relieve me?". Confused I turned around to look at her, she had a big smile on her face. "You mean suck on your boobs?" I asked. She nodded with a sexy smile on her face.

I got back in bed and snuggled up to her boob. She was laying on her side, I was facing her. I took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking. I’m a farm boy and I’ve squeezed a lot of teets in my time. So I almost had an instinct about how to latching on. It was easy, and her milk flowed immediately into my mouth. Her milk was rich, thick and sweet. I was instantly hooked. I continued to suckle until she asked me to do the other one. We switched sides and I continued to suckle. After about 20 minutes she said she was good. We didn’t have sex but it was the hottest thing I had ever experienced. It was an amazing bonding experience. I felt so safe and loved, I’m not sure how else I can explain it. I completely understand how a breast is comforting to a child.

The next morning when I woke, she smiled and asked if I would do it again. She raised her night gown and brought a breast to my lips. I was in heaven again. This became our daily routine. I know that breasts produce more or less milk as needed and they respond to the time of day that they produce milk. Within a week I noticed that I was getting so much milk that I started skipping breakfast. Basically she was giving me my first meal of the day. This went on for three and a half years, everyday. It was so hot and something we both looked forward to. Quote-right.png

Editor's Note: Some formatting has been altered from the original for clarity.

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Quote-left.png “I’m ready.”

She reached down to her hips and grabbed ahold of each side of her shirt, pulling it up to her neck before it loosened and fell to the top of her now-bare breasts.

“In my experience, your suckling instinct never goes away. Once you latch on, you’ll just know what to do. Open your mouth wide and get my nipple as far back in your mouth as possible. Then…” she said, “Well, let’s just see how you do.”

I did as instructed. Her nipple and breast were so warm and soft and fit perfectly inside my mouth. I made a tight seal, and sure enough, my mouth started to work on its own. I began to suck, and her breast and nipple felt amazing in my mouth as it swelled and contracted with each sucking motion.

There was no milk at first, which worried me. I was afraid I was doing something wrong. I then heard her sigh as her back arched forward, and my mouth was suddenly filled with warm, sweet milk.

I was surprised at how tasty it was. I never wondered what human breast milk tasted like. I had just assumed it was like warm cow’s milk.

Imagine a bowl of milk you warm up until it’s just barely tepid. Put 1/8 cup of frosted flakes in it and let it sit for a few minutes. That’s about as close as I can come to describing the taste of breast milk.

It’s fucking delicious.


She let me suckle for about 20 minutes on one breast. We readjusted on the couch, and I suckled for about 20 minutes on the other. When her milk ran dry, I would lie still and gently suckle and, in my own way, meditate.


I began to notice that, after a long suckle session, I would get the strongest head buzz. My consciousness would feel like it was vibrating and flying slightly outside of my body – so much that it was difficult to concentrate or even find words to make a sentence.

There is a term in the BDSM world that describes this “floaty” intense body high: subspace. Many people have an intoxicated or high feeling when they experience a subspace — pain is gone, worries vanish, and your current state of mind is a swirl of happy feelings.

Nothing in my life experience compares with this feeling. It’s a high no drug has ever given me. Quote-right.png

  • Medium: Man describes his first encounter with a paid wet nurse

Quote-left.png My lactation journey hasn't been simple, none really are. It has so many angles to it. The attack on my character, on providing wet nursing services, on my way of life from someone who claimed to be from the same way of life and the betrayal from a trusted friend have made me really focus in on what's important to me in this lifestyle.

There is the work that it takes to induce lactation. That journey is hard in itself. It comes with accomplishments and set backs. I've made some great friends from this part of my ABF life. From all the women who have given me advice, who freely lift each other up. Most of the women are just so supportive. As I have learned along the way, I have felt the desire to share the information with other women, to pay it forward. To lift others up the way my milky sisters have lifted me up through the journey. We learn together, we help each other, we are there for a sympathetic ear, we don't cast judgements on each other.

There is my ABF community. That isn't just my partner, my clients, and my milky sisters. They are individuals on multiple platforms. Whether it's here, ABF Heaven or another platform. We laugh and cry together, we share stories of lactation induction, supplements, dreams of flowing milk, jigsaw puzzles. Provide information to those interested in the lifestyle and a safe place and shared experiences for those living it every day.

There is my wet nursing. ABF is not just a sexual experience. I truly feel sorry for those that don't see it as more. I feel they are missing out on the best things about ABF. To hold someone to your bosom who may be stressed out, lonely, overburdened, have medical issues plaguing them and give them a safe caring place where the troubles of the world are suckled away is a nurturing experience that's very beautiful. To those that don't understand, don't cheapen or trivialize something so special for others. It's a special kind of therapy. Yes some people are willing to pay for it, but it's not some cheap sexual experience. There's no sexual activity allowed at all. No self gratification even. It's a renewal of the spirit, of the soul that is way more special than sex.

Most importantly there is the ABF life I live with my partner. He gives me so much. It is such an honor to give him milk from my body. For his body and mine to connect so deeply. It's not the same as wet nursing, our connection is a very special one where we become one. It is one that can be sexual and erotic as we become one. It is our safe place from the world together. However, it more than nurturing, more than erotic, more than sex, it's oneness. I wish that experience for everyone. It is the most beautiful experience in the world next to giving life to a newborn baby. Quote-right.png

  • Fetlife: A New Prospective from a Wet Nurse living the ABF Life

Quote-left.png I love to breastfeed my husband. I could talk about it 24/7. We have been doing it in between kids but even more now that I've weaned our youngest. I don't think I'll ever dry up. I over produce anyway. Being available to my husband is my favorite. He has a flexible schedule so sometimes he pops up at home in the middle of the day. As we're talking about random things he'll just open my nursing top and start drinking. Like it's a glass of water. Then he'll grab something to eat and finish the other side before he leaves. I try not to pump too much because he likes them over flowing. Heavy and dripping. It's also a visual reminder for him of my body wanting and waiting for him. This is less about sex and more about being intimate. I am overjoyed that my husband needs my body. It only ever leads to sex at night. I think more couples should try it if they're looking to increase a special part of their relationship. Quote-right.png

  • Explaining a deep compulsion to nurse your partner

Quote-left.png The first time my wife and I had sex, she squeezed my nipple and shot herself in the face with milk. This is always a scary moment for me, as I wasn't in the habit of telling prospective partners in advance, and I had some disappointing reactions from some folks.

She flinched, did a double take, did it again. Clamped her mouth onto me and gave a good tug, deeply suckled, and swallowed. She opened her eyes and said "You know that's mine now, right?"

I don't think I have ever felt that joyous melting feeling inside quite that strongly before. Quote-right.png

  • Explaining you produce milk to a partner can be scary, but it can be funny too...

Quote-left.png I don’t know what instincts pushed me to do it but one day we were lying in bed and I ended up cradling his head towards my breasts and guiding my nipple toward his mouth. The way he latched on and began sucking filled so many primal feelings I didn’t know I had. I get so into it, pushing his head into my tits and stroking his hair while he suckles. I love the feeling of his teeth and how sore and used my nipples become. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: "I’ve started breastfeeding my boyfriend and I love it"

Quote-left.png But this morning (excited squeal) still half asleep, he searched for me with his mouth, latched on, and nursed. It was beautiful and intimate. The stimulation woke me up and it was the best best best way to wake up with sleepy eyes and look down and see him with his eyes closed nursing. I can’t even begin to describe how much i love these moments that we share together. He usually gets a few drops to come out, which is super exciting for us, but I can’t wait to start lactating. We can’t wait until I start lactating.

The bond that we share because of ANR is indescribable. When we first started dating and told each other we both wanted this we were both ecstatic. Finally we felt safe to share what we most wanted from a partner. I’m so happy to have found him. He’s incredibly supportive and just as excited to be on this journey together. Quote-right.png

  • Reddit: "Best way to wake up"

Quote-left.png I breastfed all my kids for 2 years and at one point was feeding 2 at a time. During that time hubby nursed daily and we both enjoyed the experience very much and kept us very close to each other. I'd go so far as to the use word "bonded".

Since going dry about 20 years ago breast play has always been part of our foreplay. We have always had a healthy sex life (7-8 times a week).

Recently I noticed a change in hubby in that he was playing more with my boobs and really suckling deeply. I was happy to oblige as it brought back some great memories and feelings.

In December I noticed bras were uncomfortable and I thought that was just weight but around Christmas they got sore and tingly. Having no kids around regularly we enjoy a nudist lifestyle and I found the sensation I had more intense.

In early January during foreplay one night he starts coughing and spluttering and comes up with a mouthful of milky liquid in his mouth from my right breast! Hell we were over the moon. This was a total surprise and a nice one at that. He got to work on the left breast but dry as until about 3 days later.

I'm now producing circa 300mls per day per boob. He is nursing morning and night and we are just so delighted. He won't stop touching me and our love is really deep more so than it has been the last few years.

I'm guessing the breast stimulation and suckling has triggered off the hormones for milk. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png For 2 weeks I struggled and then kinda gave up. I told my husband/midwife and doctor I will stop breastfeeding. They understood and we gave them the breast pump back. Then the next day my breast became so engorged and painful due to the milk not being drained. My husband jokingly said he can drain them for me. We both laughed and I said he can do it. So we tried. He drank all the milk from my boobies and I felt so relieved.

But around 6 hours later they started to get painful again. What followed next was me asking him every 6-7 hours to drink my milk. And he was happy to do it and enjoyed it a lot. We talked about it because it was also strange for us. But we agreed that maybe he can increase the milk supply and maybe I could feed the baby again. So we made a schedule of him drinking my milk every 3 hours.

Only during the middle of the night I noticed for the first time while he was drinking for me he had a big erection. I had to giggle/laugh at first and he told me he finds it very hot. I actually found it hot also even more because he liked it so much that it turned me on even more. The fact that we where not allowed sex for the first 8 weeks since giving birth & operation probably enhanced it even more.

The 3 hour schedule was very tiring (we also had to take care and feed the baby in the meantime). But we've never really stopped and did it daily for about one week. But we where not able to increase the supply by much. So the baby was very stuck on the formula and we started doing it more for fun then anything else.

When we where allowed to have sex again we included it in our play. Sometimes he would be drinking from me during sex. Also one of my husbands favourite is to put his erection inside me while cuddling and drinking from me at the same time.

I thought we where so crazy and weird. My husband was more open and ok with it. But then we started to search and google about it and also found this sub. We found out we are not crazy and the only people in the world. Now we are both addicted to it and I can't imagine being without it anymore haha. Quote-right.png

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Quote-left.png We just dry suckle at this point. He falls asleep on my boobie often. Such a cutie. He told me he wants my milk for breakfast. It melts me and I can barely handle how cute he is and how happy and relaxed he is suckling my breast and how excited we both get from the act. I feel so close to him and honored that he’s so comfortable on me. He’s a real grown man, hardworking and in tune with himself and he submits to me fully allowing me to see his tenderness.

When we get to bed after a long day he holds me tight and then positions me how he wants me to lay next to him and directs my hand to hold my breast up to his mouth so that he can fill up his mouth with it and have his other hand free to hold on to my butt.

He latches on, eyes closed, and nestles into my arm and chest. I love hearing the sound of his suckling and I gradually feel a euphoria run through my body. I feel almost drugged as his breathing slows and his suckles become inconsistent but his latch holds fast. I feel his hand go limp on my body and I know he’s fast asleep.

I lay there, eyes barely open, not wanting to move a muscle because the scene is so beautiful and the serenity is unbelievable. I fell his mouth give my nipple a few tugs in his sleep. I hear him adjusting his latch. I have never slept better than with my partner drifting off to sleep like this. I love our relationship. Had to document this. I Love It. Quote-right.png

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