Breast Worship

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What Is Breast Worship?

Quote-left.png All women are unique sexually and what works for one women may not work for others. So before you dive into full breast worship mode, ask your partner if she likes it or not first. Some like it soft, some like it rough and some not at all.

To start, first grasp a breast with both hands. Squeeze forcefully at the base until the nipple becomes engorged, erect and aroused. While still gripping the breasts with both hands, start lightly biting, twisting, pulling or sucking deeply on her erect nipple to generate serious sparks that go straight to her clitoris, vagina, & uterus. Try alternating breast slapping or nipple slapping with any of these breast stimulation techniques, you can bring most women very close to orgasm with breasts stimulation. Adding gentle clitoral stimulation will push them over the edge.

The Best Position: The very best position/location I have found for breast worship is the cowgirl [woman on top] position on the couch. This position leaves my hands and my mouth free to kiss, caress her body, worship her breasts...


Excerpt from a DominantSoul article.

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More Information

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