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Why does one of my breasts produce less milk than the other, and what can I do about it?

Why is one side making less than the other? Has anyone else experienced this? There is nothing wrong with you or your slacker boob! It is totally, completely normal to have one breast more dominant than the other.[1]

Milk supply increases with demand, so you’ll want to make sure the slacker boob is getting the most demand.[2]So the more you stimulate your breast to produce milk, the more its going to produce.[1]Make sure you’re completely emptying the breast as to signal your body to produce more milk. After a nursing session, pump for 5-10 minutes on the slacker boob only. Add breast compression or massage while you’re pumping to ensure you’re emptying the breast as much as you can.[2]

You can also power pump the slacker an extra time in between pump/nursing sessions- 2-3x a day. Begin each nursing session on the slacker boob side, instead of switching back and forth. (At least until it evens out a little more).

Staying hydrated is very important. [1] A good rule of thumb is to drink an 8-oz glass of water every time you breastfeed and carry around a water bottle to sip on throughout the day. Make sure most of what you drink is water, but if the idea of plain water is unappealing, other options do exist. [3]

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