How Long Does it Take to Induce Lactation

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How Long Does it Take to Induce Lactation? When Can I Start To See Results? Is There A Time Table?

Quote-left.png Lactation without pregnancy takes time. Some women who have lactated before report that it takes about 3 days to a week to relactate. (It usually depends on how long it has been since you stopped nursing.) Women who have never produced milk before report an average time of two-weeks to a few months for changes to occur.

If you seem to be getting no response or results, then try different techniques. You should see a reaction when things begin to work. [Your] breasts may increase a full cup size or more. They may also become tender or feel moist after your sessions. You may even feel a slight tingling or tugging sensation...


Excerpt from a Breastfeeding Magazine article (Article assumes child breastfeeding; for adult breastfeeding similar principles apply).

More Information

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