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Here are some links to sites that show the history of adult breastfeeding in the arts, media, news, etc.

News Coverage About Adult Nursing

Scientific Articles About Breastfeeding

  • Science Advances - Research in mice by scientists has found that the transfer of immunity can be long-term, beyond the period of breastfeeding.
  • Psychology Today: Erotic Lactation - A brief look at lactophilia
  • The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry: Breast-Feeding and Postpartum Depression: Is There a Relationship?
  • Breast Milk Therapies for Adults
  • The National Health Istitute: Sex and Breastfeeding: An Educational Perspective

Articles About Adult Breastfeeding in Ancient History

  • The Society for Classical Studies: Adult Breastfeeding in Ancient Rome

Human Interest Stories

  • Kristen Bell Recalls the Time She Needed Her Husband to ‘Nurse’ From Her Breast

  • Mums who breastfeed their husbands during sex say it's a turn on and the 'ultimate bonding experience'

  • Metro News: Adult breastfeeding fetish: Meet the people getting off on breastfeeding their partners

  • Colombia mall installs breastfeeding mannequins to encourage moms to nurse while they shop

  • The Cut: Thinx Founder Gave Away Her Breast Milk at Burning Man to Make Lattes

  • The Cut: Bodybuilders Still Guzzling Human Boob Milk

  • The Federalist: What Men and Women Think About Public Breastfeeding

  • Reddit: My husband is freaked out by my breast milk... How can I bring back the booby love?

  • Rolling Stones's article on Adult Nursing Relationships

  • Yahoo News: This Story About a Woman Breastfeeding Her Boyfriend Is Going Viral

  • The Secret History of Japan's Breast Milk Fetish

  • 5 Best Breast Sucking Scenes in the Movies - (original link is dead)

  • Medium: Suckling At the Teat of Life: Could Adult Breastfeeding Save Your Life?
  • NYPost article about the Lana Micheals Documentary, "Breastfeeding My Boyfriend"
  • Vice: Inside the Secret World of India’s Adult Breastfeeding Community
  • Vice: Suck on This: Adult Breastfeeding Relationships and Those Who Love Them
  • Vice: It's Hard to Find Love if You're into Adult Breastfeeding
  • Vice: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drinking Breastmilk
  • Vangaurd: ‘Adult nursing’: Men who compete with babies over breast milk!
  • Time Magazine: 'My Husband Wants to Breastfeed:' The Phenomenon Nobody Talks About But Everyone Googles

Articles About Adult Breastfeeding and Sexuality

  • Forums: Are you familiar with ANR?
  • Exploring ANR in BDSM (Original link is dead)
  • Men's Health: Here's Everything to Know About Adult Breastfeeding and Erotic Lactation
  • Playboy had a very comprehensive article on the motives behind erotic lactation (archive only, original is dead)
  • Kink Weekly's article on erotic lactation

Kinky Hookup: What is Lactation Kink and Adult Nursing, and Why Are People Into It?

Personal Webpages About Breastfeeding

  • Archive for the ‘sexy breastfeeding?’ Category - Blue Milk
  • The Breast Archives Blog (Former site snapshot:
  • Stargate Libraries

Podcast Episodes Featuring Adult Nursing

  • Bawdy Storytelling, Episode 86: "The Human Buffet" (featuring Marco Salsiccia)
  • Sexuality and Breastfeeding

  • Other Peoples' Lives: My Adult Breastfeeding Fetish
  • The Big Little Podcast: Episode 27 – Lactation and Adult Nursing
  • The Lactation Station Podcast: A Podcast about Nursing and ANRs
  • F*s Given Podcast: LACTATION & HOW TO BLOW UP ON ONLYFANS with Alice Lovegood!

Videos About Adult Nursing

  • Victoria Milk's Youtube Channel
  • "Breastfeeding My Boyfriend", BBC 4 Documentary Excerpt (NSFW)
  • The Loving Milk Maid's Youtube Channel


Other Breast Topics

Natural Breast Enhancement (warning:NSFW) - a process to enlarge breasts without implants by inducing lactation.

Hucow (warning:NSFW) - A submissive who likes or desires their breasts to be milked by a dominant partner (usually in the context of a BDSM relationship).

Nipple Play/Orgasms and Breast Worship - breast-focused foreplay techniques.

Breast Smothering (warning:NSFW) - When a dominant partner covers their submissive partner's face with their breasts.