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Welcome to The Lactation Wiki!

This site's purpose is to become a quick, accessible repository for everything related to inducing lactation, sharing and bonding with your partner, and other breast-related topics.

There are many benefits to either starting or adding sensual lactation/suckling to a relationship, aside from the intimate bonding and emotional closeness that happens between partners. Sensual lactation is known to speed up weight loss and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Being pregnant or giving birth is unnecessary in order to lactate. This site will explain about specific herbs, pharmaceuticals, pumping equipment and even TENS units (warning:NSFW) that help assist with the process. All of the materials needed can be ordered on-line. Prescriptions are not needed. If the preceding seems overwhelming, suckling without inducing is also quite enjoyable.

Intrigued? Below are frequently asked questions, additional related topics, and local event listings related to sensual lactation. Welcome to your journey :)

Frequently Asked Questions
About Inducing Lactation

Can I induce lactation/lactate without a pregnancy? If so, what supplements should I use and when?

How long does it take to induce lactation?

I get aroused during breastfeeding or my breasts leak during sex. Is there something wrong with me? (warning:NSFW)

Can I induce lactation for my husband or boyfriend, or let him suckle me?

Why does my breast milk production lower during my period?

How does inducing lactation affect menopause? Does inducing help relieve symptoms?

Does inducing lactation make me feel more feminine and womanly?

Where can I find someone to help me induce faster?
What does that feel like? What does it look like? (warning:NSFW)

How can I increase my breast milk supply? Where can I find recipes for lactation cookies?

Where can I order Domperidone online without a prescription?

Why does one of my breasts produce less milk than the other? What can I do about this?

What are letdowns? What happens during a letdown? How long do they last?

Where can I learn more about breast pumping?

Can I use a TENS Unit to help induce lactation? (warning:NSFW)

What does breast milk look like? What does breast milk taste like?

What else can I use breast milk for?

Are there health concerns from breastfeeding or letting someone drink my milk?

It's perfectly fine to try another person's breast milk if you know their health history. Breast milk is a body fluid and therefore it's possible to transmit pathogens. The next biggest concern is Mastitis (warning:NSFW) which can be lessened with Lecithin and a proper latch technique (warning:NSFW). The Piercings and Lactation page (warning:NSFW) addresses this concern as well.

Are there health concerns from inducing lactation?

Other Breast Topics

Natural Breast Enhancement (warning:NSFW) - a process to enlarge breasts without implants by inducing lactation.

Hucow (warning:NSFW) - A submissive who likes or desires their breasts to be milked by a dominant partner (usually in the context of a BDSM relationship).

Nipple Play/Orgasms and Breast Worship - breast-focused foreplay techniques.

Breast Smothering (warning:NSFW) - When a dominant partner covers their submissive partner's face with their breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About ANRs/Adult Breastfeeding

Upcoming Events

Houston, TX

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Bay Area Milk Munches


The Dogwood Bar 1644 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Every Second Wednesday of the Month, 7-9 PM

San Francisco

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Every Second Saturday of the Month, 11:30 AM - 1:30PM


Portland Milk Munch

2nd Wednesday of Every Month

Location Varies - See Fetlife Group for Updates.

London, England

London Milk Munch

2nd Wednesday of Every Month, 7PM GMT

The Foxglove Pub House London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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Media, news, websites, and other links related to breastfeeding and related topics.

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