Online ANR ABF Communities and Where to Look for Potential Partners

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The Big List

Here are sites, apps, and suggestions for places to find ANR/ABF online communities where you can connect with others. Some may have personals that you can post classified ads for your location.

Note: If you're looking for a partner and there's not anyone near you, create a post! You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Good luck!

If you don't see your area listed, create a Kik group, let us know, and we'll list it here. You can also use our rules picture templates.

It also would not hurt to put up flyers in your area.

  • Global Kik groups
 #loversofadultnursing  - Yes, our breast is best
 #anr2                  - Breast is best Adult nursing chat
 #anr                   - Leaking Breasts
 #abf                   - ANR/ABF
 #anrwomenonly          - Women in ANR (no men)
 #anrgroup2             - Lactation Lovers
 #anrkynk               - ANR Kinky Chat
 #anrlactation          - ANR/Lactation 21+ D/s welcome
 #anrabflactating       - ANR/ABF Lactating is pleasure         - ANR// Love . Lifestyle
 #anrgroup              - ANR Lovers Unite (21+)
 #anr50                 - ANR/ABF for 50+ 
 #ANR.ABF               - 21-40 Nursing
 #ANRgotmilk            - ANR does the body good!
 #ANRworld              - ANR World
 #AnrPlanet             - ANR Planet
 #ANRLove               - Breastfeeding Relationships
 #AnrAbflactationlovers21 - Anr/Abf lactation lovers 21+
 #anrgroup2             - Lactation Lovers
 #anrbreastfeedingandlove - Cuddles and Boobies
 #anrislife               - ANR Lifestyle
 #ABFANR                  - Adult Breastfeeding - Adult Nursing Relationships

  • ANR/ABF Kik groups by State and City (USA)
 #anrTexas           - ANR Texas
 #texasanr           - Texas ANR
 #austinanrabf       - Austin/San Antonio ANR/ABF
 #anrsanantonio      - San Antonio ANR/ABF
 #austinanr          - Austin ANR
 #houstonmilklovers  - Houston Lactophiliacs (for those seeking adult wet nurses or breast milk)
 #houstonwetnurse    - Texas Wet Nurse, ANR and chat
 #anrabfhouston      - Houston ANR/ABF
 #houstonabf         - Houston ANR/ABF/Lactophilia
 #houstonanr         - Houston ANR
 #abfBeaumont        - Beaumont Wet Nurse/ABF
 #anrdfw             - ANR DFW [Dallas/Fort Worth]
 #anrdfwTX           - DFW Lactation Lovers
 #ANRFortWorthDallas - ANR (AduNursRelationship)
 #anrabflouisiana    - Louisiana ANR/ABF
 #anrabf             - ANR/ABF Arkansas.
 #anrAZ              - ANR in AZ [Arizona]
 #coloradoanr        - Colorado ANR
 #anrcolorado        - Colorado ANR
 #ANRIllinois        - ANR Illinois
 #chicagoanrabf      - Chicago ANR/ABF
 #chicagoanr         - Chicago ANR
 #anrsocal           - Southern California ANR
 #SOCALMILKLOVERS    - Southern California Anr/Abf kik group
 #anrlosangeles      - ANR Los Angeles
 #ANRABFSFBAY        - ANR/ABF East Bay Area (San Fransisco) 
 #anrnocal           - Northern California ANR/ABF
 #anrcali            - ANR California Lactation
 #anrcalif           - ANR California
 #anrinMi            - ANR in MI [Michigan]
 #ANRinMN            - ANR in MN [Minnesota]
 #ANRMissouri        - ANR in MO [Missouri] 
 #alabamaanr         - ANR in Alabama
 #anrmaine           - ANR Maine 21+
 #Anrinwi            - Wisconsin Boob Lovers
 #ANRConnectionsNYC    - ANR/ABF Lactation Connections NYC [New York City]
 #anrnyc             - Anr in The City
 #ANRNJ              - ANR NJ [New Jersey]
 #ANRpennsylvania    - ANR/ABF PA 
 #anrinva            - ANR in VA DMV [Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia]
 #anrtn              - ANR in Tennessee
 #southcarolinaanr   - South Carolina ANR
 #ABF_ANR_Charlotte_NC - ABF/ANR Charlotte North Carolina
 #massachusettsanr   - 21+ ANR/Breast appreciation
 #massachusettsabf   - Massachusetts ANR/ABF
 #oregonanr          - Oregon ANR/ABF
 #indianaanr         - Indiana ANR/ABF

 #ANRFlorida         - ANR FLorida
 #anrfl              - Florida ANR/ABF 21+
 #anrcentralflorida  - Central Florida ANR/ABF [Orlando, Tampa, etc.]
 #ANRABFOhio         - ANR/ABF [in Ohio]
 #ANRohio            - ANR Ohio
 #anrgeorgia         - ANR Georgia
 #ANRatlanta         - ANR Atlanta  
 #seattleanrabf      - Seattle ANR/ABF (The Best Seattle Group)
 #seattleanr         - Seattle Milk
 #seattleanr2        - Seattle ANR
 #seattleanr3        - Seattle ANR3
 #lasvegasanr        - Las Vegas ANR/ABF
 #ANRCOMMUNITYUS    - ANR COMMUNITY [USA]           - Anr & Abf UK            - ABF UK Discussions     - Breastmilk UK
 #breastmilkUK      - For UK Only Breast milk
 #abflactation      - ABF/ANR UK Lactation
  ANR London        - Open this link with Kik to join the ANR London room.
 #anrbrazil         - Brazil ANR/ABF
 #anraus            - Australia Nursing relationship
 #anrabfindia       - ABF and ANR enthusiasts of India
 #anrindia          - Milk Lovers India
 #ANRcanadians      - Canadian ANR
 #anrcanada         - ANR Canada
  Canada ANR/ABF    - Open this link with Kik to joing the Canada ANR/ABF room.
 #abfiickschlampen  - Weiberdieihrgernfiickenwollt

 #hucowsfarmers  - Hucows and farmers
 #hucowmilking1  - Hucow
 #hucowsingles   - Hucow Singles
 #hucowlover     - HUCOW
 #hucowhunterz   - Hucow Hunters
 #hucowlove      - Hucow Farm  

  • Discord Chatroom - The Hidden Farm

A Hucow Discord chatroom is available. Here's the description from the owner:

Quote-left.png Whether you're a cow that wants to talk about your kink/desires or an Owner/Farmer/Trainer/Bull that wants to find a cow, The Hidden Farm is gonna become that place ;) From day one we'll have personal ad areas for both cows and owners/farmers/trainers/bulls, a 'training' room, a roleplay area, channels for breast expansion, lactation, ANR/ABR, Breeding, to Selfies/hucow media rooms, Custom user colors and self-assignable roles. Come call The Hidden Farm your new home ;)


  • ABF Personals - Craigslist-style personals for those seeking ABF/ANR (New!)

  • - Bringing Lactation Lovers Together! (requires account creation to view page)

  • ABF Singles (requires account creation to view page)

  • Fetlife: ANR/ABF groups and member count as of 2017 (requires account creation to view page)  (Lactation Personal and Classified, 2273 members)  (Adult Breast Feeding Relationships, 2373 members)  (MILK MY TITS ! (Lactation), 4398 members)   (MilkMaids, 4262 members)  (Adult Breast Feeding Personals, 4165 members)  (adult breast feeding, 379 members)  (ABFSingles, 1152 members)   (Breastfeeding for Adults and Milky Kinksters, 7753 members)  (Lactating Ladies who love to be milked..., 2453 members)    (Lactation and ANR in the Framework of BDSM, 3613 members)   (Lactation Lovers, 3069 members)  (Dry Nursing, 935 members)  (Chicks with big nipples,who love them to be sucked, 1498 members) (Professional Adult Wet Nurses and MilkMaids, 573 members)  (Lactation and Breast Lovers Cruise, 713 members)  (LactationNation, 430 members)  (ANR/Lactation, 971 memebers)

Use our search tips to find more groups!

  • Reddit groups

  • Telegram Groups (requires Telegram app to sign up. It uses your mobile number to do SMS verification (no spammer robots, please). Afterwards you can put in whatever username you want. Your number isn't shared with anyone. It also has a web browser version.)     - Discussion Group for ANR/ABF/NBE   - Hucow Chatroom - for hucows and farmers to talk (and possibly meet)    - A place for Indians to discuss ANR/ABF and possibly meet.

  • Kwink ABF ANR Dating Community (requires account creation to view page)

  • Dreams of Milk Personals

  • Land of Milk and Honey Personal Forums

  • Yahoo Personals Groups (requires account creation to view page)

  • ANR Chat app on Google Play

  • - The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet (rare but occasionally one can find someone) (requires account creation to view page)

A Few Notes

Quote-left.png Here are the seven ANR characteristics: Adventurous, Romantic, Nurturing, Tactile, Simple, Soft and Spiritual. The most important of the seven are softness, tactility and a nurturing disposition. Quote-right.png

  • The ANR lover’s profile: how to tell if she (or he) would almost certainly say yes

Quote-left.png To summarize, seek the guy with great husband and father potential, masculine yet sensitive, a family man, open to trying new things and looks like he’ll know how to make a woman happy in the bedroom. Quote-right.png

  • A brief description of the ANR-interested man


Frequently Asked Questions About ANRs/Adult Breastfeeding