Nursing from My Partner Makes My Husband Less Manly

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Quote-left.png When connecting with others who are thinking of embarking on an ANR--or are simply curious about it--I have discovered a lot of concern regarding emasculation, a terrible stigma that involves "seeing" your husband as "less of a man" simply because he suckles from the breast. One woman even questioned whether she would be able to see her husband in the same way, particularly since he has taken on the dominant role as "head of the household"...

I am married to an extremely masculine man; as a matter of fact, even [my husband]'s job fits into the stereotypical "man mold". [My husband] is tall and strong, very motivated and career-oriented. He is a wonderful man, a fantastic husband, dedicated father, and excellent provider. In our home, and because of our personal spiritual and religious beliefs, I do consider him the head of our household. I rely on him for so much as my strength, life partner...

Allowing him to feed from my breasts is just one more thing that I can provide for him, and when he is lying in my arms, our skin touching, our limbs entertained, I view him as a loving man who is enjoying my body in every way that he possibly can... Quote-right.png

Excerpt from a article.

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