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Definition: usually means a lady (or submissive partner) who likes or desires her breasts to be milked by a man (or dominant partner). Milking can be done by hand (massage techniques), suckling (with a proper latch), or with a breast pump.


Why Is It So Popular?

It is self-contained (as only a remote farmstead can be) and has perfectly drawn roles for men and women. For a woman, to be cared for as a loved pet/animal is perhaps a strange, but, in its own way, understandable fantasy. It absolves her of all responsibility. She can give herself over to the sensuous world of having her breasts stimulated... For some women this is a satisfying fantasy to entertain. For men, it places them in the role of the overlord… the powerful stablemaster. The man who dominates and controls his charges in ways that reinforces their female nature. Everybody wins.

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Books/In Literature

In adult literature, lactation has been influenced and induced by means such as high dairy diets and hormone treatments. Both of these techniques can be noted in Jezebel Divelle's Dairy Unlimited collection. Characters may be forced into a hucow lifestyle for support of others or may elect to turn themselves into a hucow out of the urge to fulfill breastfeeding fetishes.

Hucow Erotica Authors

The following list is composed of authors whose work primarily focuses on the hucow fetish.

Jezebel Divelle

Violet Kirkwood

Narcissa Rivers

Millie Woodward

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Reddit has a subreddit community devoted to this topic and a hucow personals section too.

Additionally, Tumblr has several hucow blogs. is a site devoted to the fetish. They have pictures, video, and a blog.

Hucow Chatroom - for hucows and farmers to talk (and possibly meet). (requires Telegram app/web login. Uses mobile number at signup as verification that user isn't robot spammer. Web Interface Available)

Kik also has a few hucow public groups.

 #hucow          - Dairy Farm     - HUCOW
 #hucowsingles   - Hucow Singles
 #hucowmilker    - The hucow farm
 #Hucow Hunters  - Hucow Hunters
 #hucowhynpo     - Hucow Hypnosis

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