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A Few Notes

Quote-left.png Here are the seven ANR characteristics: Adventurous, Romantic, Nurturing, Tactile, Simple, Soft and Spiritual. The most important of the seven are softness, tactility and a nurturing disposition. Quote-right.png

  • The ANR lover’s profile: how to tell if she (or he) would almost certainly say yes

Quote-left.png To summarize, seek the guy with great husband and father potential, masculine yet sensitive, a family man, open to trying new things and looks like he’ll know how to make a woman happy in the bedroom. Quote-right.png

  • A brief description of the ANR-interested man

The Big List

Here are sites, apps, and suggestions for personals where one can connect with others in the community.

  • anrconnections.com - Bringing Lactation Lovers Together! (requires account creation to view page)

  • ABF Singles (requires account creation to view page)

  • ANRSpace.com - Adult Nursing Relationships (requires account creation to view page)

  • Fetlife: There are numerous ANR/ABF groups there as of April 2017 (requires account creation to view page)
https://fetlife.com/groups/27403  (Lactation Personal and Classified, 2273 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/44116  (Adult Breast Feeding Relationships, 2373 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/40781  (MILK MY TITS ! (Lactation), 4398 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/5883   (MilkMaids, 4262 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/16726  (Adult Breast Feeding Personals, 4165 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/45242  (adult breast feeding, 379 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/27772  (ABFSingles, 1152 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/3986   (Breastfeeding for Adults and Milky Kinksters, 7753 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/37999  (Lactating Ladies who love to be milked..., 2453 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/217    (Lactation and ANR in the Framework of BDSM, 3613 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/4800   (Lactation Lovers, 3069 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/65032  (Dry Nursing, 935 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/56548  (Chicks with big nipples,who love them to be sucked, 1498 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/101683 (Professional Adult Wet Nurses and MilkMaids, 573 members)
https://fetlife.com/groups/58415  (Lactation and Breast Lovers Cruise, 713 members)

  • Reddit groups

  • Discussion Group for ANR/ABF (requires Telegram app/web login. Uses mobile number at signup as verification that user isn't robot spammer. Web Interface Available)

  • Kwink ABF Dating Community (requires account creation to view page)

  • Adult Breastfeeding Finder | Find your ANR partner today (requires account creation to view page)


  • Yahoo Personals Groups (requires account creation to view page)

  • ANR Chat app on Google Play

  • Hucow Chatroom - for hucows and farmers to talk (and possibly meet)]. (requires Telegram app/web login. Uses mobile number at signup as verification that user isn't robot spammer. Web Interface Available)

We also have an Adult Wet Nursing page that includes a link to a Fetlife group for Adult Wet Nurses and Milkmaids.

  • Collarspace.com - The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet (requires account creation to view page)
http://collarspace.com (rare but occasionally one can find someone)

  • Craigslist (search for milk, suckling, breastfeed, hucow, ANR, or ABF in the personals section)
  • searching for ANR or hucow groups on Kik
 #loversofadultnursing - Yes, our breast is best
 #anr2            - Breast is best Adult nursinng chat
 #ANRworld        - ANR World
 #AnrTexas        - AnrTexas 
 #ANR.ABF         - 21-40 Nursing
 #ANRgotmilk     - ANR does the body good!
 #anrgroup       - ANR Lovers Unite (21+)
 #ANR.lifestyle  - ANR// Love . Lifestyle
 #ANRin MN       - ANR in MN
 #Anrinwi        - Winsconsin Boob Lovers
 #anrAZ          - ANR in AZ
 #ANRNJNY        - ANR in NJ/NY
 #ANRIllinois    - ANR Illinois
 #anrsocal       - SoCal ANR
 #anrcali        - ANR California Lactation
 #anrinMi        - ANR in MI
 #anrtn          - ANR in Tennessee
 #ANRohio        - ANR Ohio
 #ANRFlorida    -  ANR FLorida
 #ANRABFOhio     - ANR/ABF [in Ohio]
 #hucow          - Dairy Farm 
 #hucow.farm     - HUCOW
 #hucowsingles   - Hucow Singles
 #hucowmilker    - The hucow farm
 #Hucow Hunters  - Hucow Hunters
 #hucowhynpo     - Hucow Hypnosis

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