Adult Wet Nursing

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What is an adult wet nurse?

Quote-left.png A wet nurse is typically a lactating woman who is hired to breastfeed another woman's baby. It was quite popular before the start of the 19th century. It is not as widely practiced in the present day United States of America but it is still practiced in many other parts of the world...It can be possible to find a wet nurse for an adult with a little patience and money. Quote-right.png

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  • Fetlife (requires account creation to view page) has a group for Adult Wet Nurses (as of April 2017) (Professional Adult Wet Nurses and MilkMaids, 573 members)

HoustonMilkMaid is a traveling adult wet nurse that the operator(s) of this site know and endorse heartily. She has traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada and has helped men and women have their first platonic experiences with adult breastfeeding. Her profile, terms of service, and photography are available on Fetlife (requires account creation to view page) and her website.

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