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There are manifold benefits in participating in ANR. Aside from the intimate bonding and emotional closeness that would take place between you and your partner during and as a result of ANR, it also has some very practical benefits. Breast feeding is known to speed along weight loss after pregnancy. [original author assumes a pregnancy is involved; it is easy to induce lactation without a pregnancy.] [1]

There are rewards for the woman and her partner in this type of relationship. A couple’s bond deepens as you both spend more quality time together...and when an adult couple can also spend this type of quality time together to hold one another is a true deep emotional experience that few can truly say they have ever had the opportunity to experience. [2] If your relationship is already strong, this can only enhance it to another level. It is not something that happens overnight...This is about spending time with the one you love in an old fashioned way, which has been done from the beginning of time. I [the original author] have had the fortune of experiencing this before and I can personally tell you it is wonderful, and when you let yourself go, you realize you love the person for all the reasons in the world, the good and bad reasons. [2]

It seems there’s a clear intimate bonding experience that occurs during adult nursing that is pleasurable to both parties on a physical, emotional and psychological basis. While I realize there are many who will think an adult nursing relationship is strange, and I’ll admit that was my instinctive reaction too, the more I thought about adult nursing relationships, the more this type of intimate relationship made sense to me [original author][3].

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