Breast Pump Resources


Here are a few links about Breast Pumps.

  • Breastfeeding (Suckling) vs Pumping: Pros and Cons (aimed towards new mothers, principles still apply)

  • The Best Pumps for Every Kind of Mom (aimed towards mothers, principles still apply)

  • Consumer Report's Breast Pump Buying Guide (Archive)

  • Breast Pumps and Air Travel - Adult Nursing Concerns: Air Travel, Part II (Tips and Advice)

  • Exclusive Pumping: Best Breast Pumps For Exclusive Pumpers

  • Double Pumping is better than single pumping

  • Using a TENs Unit to Induce Lactation

  • Also consider eBay, Craigslist, and local garage sales for used pumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Inducing

Can I induce lactation without a pregnancy?

Can I induce lactation for my husband or boyfriend?

What supplements should I use and when?

How can I increase my breast milk supply?

Where can I learn more about breast pumping?

What does breast milk look like?

Are there health risks from breastfeeding?

The biggest risks are side effects from excessive use of Domperidone and Mastitis (warning:NSFW). The chances of having the latter can be lessened with Lecithin and proper latch techniques. The Piercings and Lactation page (warning:NSFW) addresses this concern as well.

Is there somewhere I can order Domperidone without prescriptions?