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Welcome to the Lactation Wiki!

This site's purpose is to become a quick, accessible repository for everything related to inducing lactation, sharing and bonding with your partner, and other breast-related topics.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Inducing Lactation

Other Breast Topics

Natural Breast Enhancement (warning:NSFW) - a process to enlarge breasts without implants by inducing lactation.

Hucow (warning:NSFW) - A submissive who likes or desires their breasts to be milked by a dominant partner (usually in the context of a BDSM relationship).

Nipple Play/Orgasms and Breast Worship - breast-focused foreplay techniques.

Breast Smothering (warning:NSFW) - When a dominant partner covers their submissive partner's face with their breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About ANRs/Adult Breastfeeding

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Culture, Art, Media, and News
Media, news, websites, and other links related to breastfeeding and related topics.

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